Sound Creation 20" Dark Ride

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(Newer Logo) Sound Creation 20" Dark Ride
(Newer Logo) Sound Creation 20" Dark Ride
(Older Logo) Sound Creation 20" Dark Ride
(Older Logo) Sound Creation 20" Dark Ride

Group: Rides

Type: Dark Ride

Size: 20 Inch

Series: Sound Creation

Weight: 2480g, 2490g, 2568g, 2577g, 2580g, 2605g (1978 Serial Number), 2614g, 2633g, 2680g, 2680g, 2715g (1981 Serial Number)

Years of production: 1978 - 1991

Sound file: Sound Creation 20" Dark Ride (2568 Grams)

Sound Creation 20" Dark Ride (2614 Grams)
Four Different Sound Creation Rides
Sound Creation 20" Dark Ride

Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>

Review: Nobody has made a review of this beauty yet, so I'll give it a shot.
This ride is very full sounding and warm. It has a sweet and strong ping, with a warm "breathing" wash underneath. It is very versatile and dynamic. You can play very soft, and the ping is still sweet, dark and defined. And the wash still creates energy and warmth. And you can lay into it as much as you dare, play loud as hell, and its still as defined, dark and warm. The wash builds up along with the ping. Not too much, not too little. Perfect! It plays just as you tells it to. The more out from the bell you move, the more roaring wash you get. But you can play everywhere, and every hit will be clear and defined. Uh, the bell! It's strong and penetrating. Not the bell that's easiest to control, but it's still controllable. If you use mallets, you can use it as a gong-like effect as this is a fairly heavy cymbal (2577g) You can use the shoulder of the stick for small accents, because the cymbal does not build up overtones. It is not good for crashing, as it will sound very harsh and gongy. If you play this cymbal alone, you will most likely be disappointed. Like many other Sound Creations, they don't come to its right before you have it with a kit and other cymbals. Even better with a band! The cymbal is very versatile, and fits for jazz, blues, rock, pop, funk and even some heavy stuff. The legendary 22" has the same characteristic, only a little darker, and more roaring wash.

Review written by Viktors

Review The Sound Creation Darks are definitely a breed apart. Great stick definition on top of a vast array of dark and subtle tones. So sweet.... Nothing else sounds quite like them, and Paiste stopped making them... This one is in excellent condition. Sounds great. Looks great. Is great.

Review written by Matt Bettis

ReviewThis Sound Creation Dark Ride sounds soooooo good. She's from the first generation with the stamped logo and hollow-font designation. She is also in great shape with strong logos. Her edge isn't perfect, but absolutely nothing you couldn't take home to mama. I really can't say enough about how this particular SCDR sounds. Perfect....freakin' perfect.

Review written by Matt Bettis

Artist/song where it can be heard: Don Moye, Chester Thompson, Horacio Jorge Gianello

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