Sound Creation 18" Dark Flatride

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Sound Creation 18" Dark Flatride
Sound Creation 18" Dark Flatride
Sound Creation 18" Dark Flatride
Sound Creation 18" Dark Flatride

Group: Rides

Type: Dark Flatride

Size: 18 Inch

Series: Sound Creation

Weight: 1680g, 1716g (1984 Serial Number)

Years of production: 1984 - 1991

Sound file:

Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>

Review: The absence of a bell gives this cymbal great definition with a very controlled vibe. The initial attack is strong, smooth and Classic Sound Creation subtle CHIME-LIKE. The attack is never eclipsed by the wash. The B20 alloy gives this Paiste a semi-dark, shimmering tone that sounds like NO modern Paiste. And you can really open up on this Flat Ride and the volume and overtones will not get away from you. This Rare B20 Original Paiste Sound Creation 20" Flat Ride is fantastic for just about anything. It's a perennial favorite among jazz, blues, and ballad players, and its great definition, semi-dark tone, and Paiste Sound Creation B20 smooth shimmer make it a welcomed addition to any soul, R&B, drum and bass, techno, funk, fusion, folk, country, acoustic, or mellow rock/pop gig. Use it anytime you need a great semi-dark chime-like Paiste attack that stays controlled.

Review written by Hazelshould

Artist/Song where it can be heard: unknown

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