Signature 20" Full Ride

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Signature 20" Full Ride
Signature 20" Full Ride
Signature 20" Full Ride
Signature 20" Full Ride

Group: Rides

Type: Full Ride

Size: 20 Inch

Series: Signature

Weight: 2451g (2006 Serial Number), 2452g, 2466g (2000 Serial Number), 2492g, 2516g (2007 Serial Number)

Years of production: 1989 - Present

Sound file: Signature 20" Full Ride

Signature 20" Full Ride

Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>

Review: I tested this alongside a 20" 2oo2 and the choice was very hard. I liked the sound of both rides and in some ways they were pretty much the same. I chose the Full because it had more stick definition, a more cutting bell and it was just that little bit louder than the 2oo2. I had the impression that the Sig Full opened up quicker and nicer. It had the EXACT sound I was after and it suits my musical style perfectly (progressive stuff). I quite liked the wash that the 2oo2 had but the Full did it for me so I went for that one. If I'm ever in the market for another ride I will surely go to the 20" 2oo2 first before testing anything else.
I don't crash my rides but the 2oo2 definitely sounded nicer when crashed. The Full sounds a little bit uncontrolled, the 2oo2 was way more focused.
Both rides are incredibly versatile by the way.

Review written by Tom Reyns

Review: Simply perfect design for a workhorse cymbal. Bell tone is clean and cutting, without being clangy. The crash sound is amazing: full and deep with a nice soft attack and musical decay. But the stick sound is what's killing me. Silvery and warm like a 602. Seriously, it really is. Its a washier cymbal, and its potential really only comes out in a musical context where the overtones blend with the other instruments.
I've been searching for a general purpose ride that can take me from afrobeat to hard rock in the same song and this is it. If anyone is in need of an versatile and musical ride, I highly recommend the 20" Full. I got mine for $150 on eBay.
Its not esoteric. Its not dark and trashy. Its not rare. Its not expensive. Its not paper thin. But it is perfect for almost any musical situation.

Review written by pdxbeats

Review: What a great ride. This thing can go from soft and subtle, to loud with very controllable overtones (Bright near the bell, dark towards the edge). Excellent crashing properties. Very warm when rolled with mallets. This cymbal has probably one of the best sounding bells of any cymbal I have ever played (and I've been playing for 25 years). It has a very defined ping when played with the tip (wood or nylon), and absolutely cuts through the mix when played with the stick's shoulder. I use this ride for everything from 70's prog rock, to all out metal (surrounded by walls of Marshall's). This thing is at home in every musical setting that I've used it in. This one is second-to-none!!!

Review written by Paiste Lover

Review: This Paiste Signature 20" has ALL the clean, crisp, B15 Alloy tone that catapulted the series to stardom 25 years ago. Classic Paiste Signature. Weighing in at a lovely 2466 grams, this beauty has a strong attack with that inimitable Signature wash. The bell measures a generous 5.5" and cuts extremely well.

This Top of the Line 20" is a workhorse cymbal. Obviously it's perfect for rock, pop, country, R&B, funk and fusion, punk, reggae, and blues and definitely session work. And the bell projects well for LIVE situations.

Review written by Hazelshould

Artist/song where it can be heard: Ndugu Chancler, Jeff Porcaro

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