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Introduction: 1974

Discontinued: 1986


  • A truly affordable pro-quality cymbal at the student or semi-pro level. Paiste experience, craftsmanship and understanding of choice materials give these cymbals many professional features. (1)
  • Paiste 505 cymbals produce a fully resonant, vibrant sound with a controlled response. They are developed to provide the drummer with a goos quality cymbal at a reasonable investment. (2)


Alloy: CuSn8 - Also known as "2002 Bronze"

Quality: Advanced Student Line, intermediate, semi-pro

Production: Cast cymbals using more mass production (automated) manufacturing methods with some manual hammering.

Applications: All types of music, particularly pop and rock.

Users: Tommy Lee, Mark Brzezicki, Rayford Griffin, Jeff Porcaro

Sound: 505 cymbals produce a fully resonant, vibrant sound. They are developed to provide the drummer with a good quality cymbal. The following is quoted from an early 80's catalog - All Paiste 505 cymbals give a true professional cymbal sound with clear character definition.
The ride cymbals have strong definite stick-rhythm sound. The multi-purpose medium cymbals can be used for loud, forceful crash or gentle ride effects.
Crash cymbals give compact, cutting accents.

Here is a Paiste Weight Table for all Paiste series.

Information from:

  1. Modern Drummer Equipment Annual 1986
  2. Paiste "Six Cymbal Lines" Ad 1981

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