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200 Series China
200 Series China

Introduction: 1985

Discontinued: 1991

Background: Distributed exclusively by Latin Percussion (LP)

Alloy: Brass alloy

Quality: Entry or student level

Production: Machine made in Germany

Applications: These cymbals were intended for the budget conscious, particularly students just learning to play drums.

Users: Beginners/Student

Sound: When compared to comparable entry level cymbals from other companies these cymbals really stood out. The ride was lively, and did not have the "man hole cover" sound one would expect from instruments in their price range. The crashes were brighter than the competition and still retained some of that Paiste shimmer. Chinas as well were dirty. While in the price range it was easy for the chinas to be reduced to 16" or 18" pure trash, the 200s retained a degree of musicality.

The 200s are just another example of Paiste's commitment to all drummers. On a reduced budget, one could have bought a set of cymbals that were pleasing to the ear and bore a resemblance to what one was hearing on the radio, vinyl, or cassette of the time. This greatly enhanced the experience of practice and most likely led to many students to be happy with their efforts and to work harder and to become better drummers.

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