Signature 20" Dry Dark Ride

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Signature 20" Dry Dark Ride
Signature 20" Dry Dark Ride
Signature 20" Dry Dark Ride
Signature 20" Dry Dark Ride

Group: Rides

Type: Dry Dark Ride

Size: 20 Inch

Series: Signature

Weight: 2756g, 2766g, 2790g (1999 Serial Number)

Years of production: 1992 - 2004

Sound file: Six Different Paiste Dry Rides

Paiste's Description: <<< - >>>

Review: This cymbal has been a mainstay on my kit since 1994! - The 20" anyway... This cymbal is heavy, and powerful without being brash, or washy. It has excellent stick definition, not quite a bright ping in the traditional sense, but a slightly dark loud, powerful "tick" sound. Shoulder hits on this cymbal actually open it up more than one would imagine, and produces a dark, raw "shattery" roar. The dry dark ride also has a loud cutting, percussive bell which makes an extremely usable model for me. Other drummers, musicians even, are drawn to this magnificent Paiste work of art. Some see the artistic beauty of this heavily hammered, un-lathed piece of bronze perfection, while others simply call it ugly. I say it is both! I saved my lunch money for 2 months, and used birthday money to obtain my first of 4 20" dry dark rides. This ride cymbal changed my perception of cymbal sound, and my personal voice on the drums. I could never be the same without it.

Review written by drumdan

Review: Don’t let the looks of this ride scare you off. This discontinued Signature ride with its raw unlathed finish is one of the most versatile rides out there. Each cymbal has its own individual finish from the manufacturing process. The sound of this ride is explosive. The stick ping is metallic and complex with the combination of dry and dark tones and is unlike any other cymbal I have played. Different stick bead shapes and materials bring out new combinations of tones. It’s hard to describe the register of this cymbal because of the interplay of overtones but in general the register goes from higher to lower as you move from the edge of the bell outwards. The wash builds easily no matter where you play on the cymbal but somehow remains separated from the stick sound which always stands out on top. The wash is an ethereal sounding thing and almost atonal, certainly not a shimmering tonal sound which you might be used too from the Signature line. The bell is clear and cutting and for the most part separated from the rest of the cymbal but you still get a hint of the unique overtones underneath. It’s easy to see how this cymbal can be used in a jazz or metal context and still be the right cymbal for the job.

Review written by the_drum_dad

Review: It's a heavy, unlathed cymbal with a very dark surface that has been polished smoooth. On top of that is a profusion of extremely heavy hammer marks. Although heavy playing can produce a bit of a "gong-y" overtone buildup, this ride has absolutely no shimmery wash whatsoever, and projects an extremely dry, precise stick attack. The clear, cutting sound of the large bell is quite distinct from that of the shoulder of the cymbal, which is deep and dark in pitch and tonality.

Review written by Rick Van Horn, Modern Drummer (May '93, page 38)

Review: One versatile ride indeed, its weight and unlathed finish keeps this one under control 24/7. But It is not dead (bone dry) by all means. It has a controlled deep dark wash under the metallic stick sound almost all the time. It has a large bell which has meaty cutting sound (percussive is the best description probably) to it. Not a harsh sounding ride at all. Intricate patterns can be executed without sounding chaotic. In a group context main dark stick sound often blends with the other instruments and do not overpower the music. But by riding with the shaft and tip of the stick a bigger,meatier and brighter stick sound which can cut through the music can be summoned at will. The ride has numerous different sounds in it. Dark dry versatile ride at its best.

Review written by Cem KIBRISLI

Artist/song where it can be heard: unknown

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