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404 Logo
404 Logo
404 18 Crash
404 18 Crash
404 13" Crash (Black Logo - Older)
404 13" Crash (Black Logo - Older)


Discontinued:1986* A few from 1988 have been found though.


  • Paiste 404 have a good sound, they project and give a true cymbal feel. Made with Paiste know-how, they represent quality at a small investment. Perfect for the demanding student seeking sound value. (1)
  • Paiste's budget B8 line, below the mid-range 505s and professional 2002s, but still made from the distinctive CuSN8 bronze... No longer in production, the 404s crop up from time-to-time on eBay - they are reasonably well though-of by today's drummers, most of whom believe the 404s to be far superior to currently produced budget models from any manufacturer...

Innovation: Affordable cymbals similar to the 505's.

Alloy: CuSn8 - Also known as "2002 Bronze"

Quality: Entry Level to Semi Professional

Production: Similar to the 2002's & 505's.

Applications: All applications, to include live and studio.

Users: Beginner to intermediate drummers looking for something better than an off-the-shelf pack of brass rubbish that's still with their budget... Anyone looking for gig-able cymbals at bargain prices...

Sound: Not complex, but not displeasing to the ear...

Here is a Paiste Weight Table for all Paiste series.

Information not from the Paiste.com site, but from my own head instead...:)

  1. Paiste "Six Cymbal Lines" Ad 1981
  2. Modern Drummer Equipment Annual, 1986

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