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Paiste 802
The 802, our newest cymbal line, sets the new top standard in the value cymbal category. Our half century experience in creating real cymbal sound in this class has culminated in an unbeatable fusion of sound and value. The three factors which allow us to make sophisticated yet affordable cymbals are a combination of the alloy, the design and the production method. In creating the new 802, we use our proprietary CuSn8 bronze alloy, which features enhanced sound properties derived from decades of research. Then we apply the cymbal making principles accumulated through our extensive experience in the hand manufacture of our professional lines. Finally, we utilize the help of automated tools to realize production efficiencies that allow us to offer these cymbals at significant savings. The result is satisfying cymbal sound and function with professional features and legendary Paiste sound characteristics: cutting power, brilliance, energy, warmth, and musicality.

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In creating the 802, we strove to make these cymbals look like their cousins in our professional cymbal lines. The result is a cymbal surface that is virtually indistinguishable from an exclusively hand made cymbal, like the Sound Formula or Alpha. Thus, 802's form a perfect harmony between their ambitious sound property and their sophisticated appearance.
Splash (10", 12")
A soft, yet shimmering attack with good projection when needed. A very musical splash.

China (16", 18")
A strong attack with exotic overtones, perfect for highlighting energetic musical moments. Good tonal spread and projection.

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Hi-Hat (13", 14")
A medium pitched hi-hat with a silvery, solid chick and good stick definition. Nice tonal spread and blend of overtones that fit well in any musical situation.

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Crash (16", 18")
Immediate response followed by a well blended, medium to long crash. A very musical and professional crash sound for low to medium volume playing.

Power Crash (16")
Essentially the same "sound family" as the Crash but with a stronger, higher pitched attack and stronger mid-range for extra projection. Perfect for medium to heavy playing.

Crash/Ride (18")
Serving two purposes, this cymbal offers an explosive crash and a clear, defined ping at medium volume levels. Uniquely blending the Crash and Ride, this cymbal works very well for players desiring a smaller set-up with variety.

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Ride (20")
A very musical, clearly defined ping that rides over a controlled series of high to low overtones. Bell is musical, blending well with the cymbal while staying clearly defined. A great all around ride for light to medium-heavy playing.

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